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Director Xie lead the team to excel activities contacting point to supervise the

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18th,Jan, provincial party committee secretary of the party director Xie came to Hunan Artie Industrial Co.,Ltd to attend our annual summary recognition event.

Hundreds of staffs sat in hall and all enjoyed the annual summary recognition event and new year sodality.We reviewed the process of Artie's development and  excel activities.With 13 years development, Hunan Artie Industrial Co.,Ltd had become Famous Brand of Hunan province、Little Giant Enterprise、executive member of the council of Hunan mould association. There are 28 party members between more than 300 staffs.The company party branch which found in Dec 2010 take excel activities as important contents of enterprise culture construction、improving enterprise team spirit、promoting sustainable development. The party branch is playing a core role in enterprise.

Director Xie affirmed it's good choice for enterprise to pay lots of attention to party construction, he suggested Atire to hold the biggest chance of fast development of Hunan's vehicle and track transportation industrial to open market. He hope Artie's party branch and all party members in Artie should do excel activities by facing to general public .

At the annual summary meeting , Director Xie was invited to give out the prizes to outstanding communist party member ,advanced party group ,outstanding staff ,outstanding team.

Director Xie take the team attend Artie's annual summary recognition event.

Director Xie speaking

Director Xie gave out the prizes for advanced group and personal.

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